Types of Prepaid

Our current range of card programs is divers and we strive to address our clients’ needs and program requirements to ensure successful launches throughout the EEA.

Instant Issue – Customers can buy a reloadable MasterCard or Visa Prepaid card over-the-counter. This program could be ideal for a company looking to offer an additional service or wanting recognition as an institution involved in financial services.

Travel – Carrying a Prepaid travel card abroad can be convenient and more secure than carrying cash. The foreign exchange rate offered on a Prepaid card can also be highly competitive

Payroll and Salary Payment – IDTFS has the ability to issue payroll Prepaid cards globally, offering an electronic means for employers to issue payroll and other recurring payments, eliminating the costs of cheques and employers carrying cash on site to pay their staff.

Corporate Expenses - A corporate expenses card is a simpler method to track employees’ business-associated purchases in real-time and also provides a solution for eliminating employees’ funding of company cash flow.

Corporate Incentives – Loading a plastic or virtual Prepaid card with a monetary value is a cost-effective and flexible approach to offer employee incentives. It is also a great way to reward consumer loyalty.

Underbanked – Signing up for a Prepaid card does not require a credit check, making this option very attractive to the underbanked society. A Prepaid card will allow the underbanked to make card purchases of goods and services like a debit card offered via a high street bank. 

Gaming – A Prepaid card is ideal for gaming payouts, allowing online players to load funds and withdraw winnings instantly and giving them access to the MasterCard or Visa ATM network.

Youth Cards – The Youth Prepaid market is growing across Europe, offering parents access to set up recurring allowances on to the card and allowing them to monitor where their children are spending their money. This tool can also be a useful method for youngsters to monitor and manage their money.

Gift cards – A Prepaid gift card can be used anywhere where MasterCard or Visa is accepted.

Virtual – A virtual Prepaid card means no physical card is sent to the client. This is a trouble-free and immediate solution for secure payments online.

m-Wallets – An e-money solution which is stored on a mobile phone, a Prepaid card is a perfect solution for a “cash out” function, linking the card to the m-Wallet to provide instant access to the funds for POS transactions and ATM withdrawals.

e-Wallets – e-Wallets are similar to m-Wallets, however, the wallet is stored online rather than on a mobile phone.

Private Label – Private Label is a plastic Visa or MasterCard Prepaid product that runs on the scheme’s network, however, does not illustrate the scheme’s branding.

Multi Currency – A multi currency Prepaid card can have the ability to offer different currencies on the same card; the currencies are divided into separate wallets e.g. Euro, GBP and USD.

Government and Benefits Payments – Ideal for local Government bodies to adopt Prepaid solutions to mitigate the costs and time associated with delivering such funds to the public via cheque or transfer and to use the ability to block Merchant Category Codes to prevent the funds from being used for anything not intended.

Money Share – This type of card program is ideal for immigrants. This program eliminating the hassle of opening a bank account and provides a duel card which can be an effective way to send regular funds home.

Lottery Payout – Prepaid cards are now more frequently used for payout of lottery winnings, saving the cost of paying the cash out and also giving the players a membership-type product.

Insurance Payout – Insurance companies can utilise Prepaid solutions to pay out to claimants, for example if it is used for a travel payout the cardholder abroad could have instant access to the amount claimed.

Client Thank You and Rewards – Offering clients a Prepaid card as a ‘thank you’ or reward is a great way to provide them with a branded incentive that can be used anywhere that displays the MasterCard/Visa logo.

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